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Clare Gerada

Medical Director
NHS Practitioner Health
United Kingdom

Dr Gerada had just passed her 26th year mile stone working in the same GP practice in South London. She trained in psychiatry at the Maudsley Hospital. Clare has worked at the interface between mental health and primary care ever since with a special interest in the care of substance misusers, the homeless and currently mentally ill doctors. for the last decade she has led the largest physician health service in Europe and too date the service has had over 5000 doctors and dentists with mental illness present to it.

Clare led the Royal College of General Practitioners between 2011-2013, only the second women in its history to at its head. Clare trained in group analysis, obtaining the diploma of Group Analysis in 2014. She uses her experience from this field to help understand why doctors are so unhappy. In 2019 Clare was elected the Co-Chair of the NHS Assembly.