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CAll for IPA 2021 Pre-Congress Workshops Organization

The International Paediatric Association (IPA) is holding its 30th International Pediatric Association Congress (IPA 2021), together with the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH). The IPA 2021 is scheduled to take place on 22nd-26th August 2021, in the Scottish Exhibition Centre in Glasgow, UK. The theme for the IPA 2021 Congress is “Ensuring a brighter future for all children”.

The IPA 2021 Congress will be the meeting point for 5,000+ Paediatricians representing the leadership of Pediatric Societies around the world, thus a great opportunity to have a pre-congress workshop to highlight your institution, the faculty and important aspects of Paediatrics that are sometimes overlooked.

Pre-Congress workshops take place on the pre-congress day (Sunday, August 22, 2021) and as they are independent events, they also require independent financing. The International Pediatric Association does not cover workshop expenses, neither does it offer financing of pre-congress workshop speakers. There is a registration cost associated with each workshop, to cover workshop expenses (room rental, audiovisual or F&B costs) and there is a minimum attendance required for all workshops to cover these expenses. Alternatively, the Institution/Organizer of a workshop can undertake related cost and the workshop can be offered to participants with no registration. In the past, these workshops have been well attended and were very much appreciated.


  • Each workshop participant must be registered for the congress (full registration or day pass), in order to be allowed to register for a workshop. 
  • Workshop speakers will cover their own travel/accommodation and congress registration costs. 
  • Please note that the above instructions pertain to the pre-congress workshops only. There will be workshops held as part of the main conference program on August 23-26, and an opportunity to submit ideas for these will be announced in late 2020. 


Please do not hesitate to contact the IPA 2021 Congress Secretariat MCI/AFEA at, should you require any additional information, or clarification on pre-congress workshop organization. 

If you are interested in putting on a pre-congress workshop, please send us your proposals by completing the online workshop form which can be found here: 

Pre-congress workshop submission

Fill out my online form.