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About THE IPA 

The International Pediatric Association (IPA)

The International Pediatric Association (IPA) exists to create a world where all children, regardless of age, location or family situation can live healthy lives.

For over 100 years, IPA has been the only global body representing the professional societies of pediatricians. We connect pediatricians from all over the world to lead improvements in child and adolescent health and rights. Since our foundation in 1910 we have become a globally respected voice in the international health community.

IPA advocates globally, nationally, and locally for high quality, evidence-based and child-centred pediatric care. We are a respected partner of WHO and UNICEF and provide global leadership on emerging child health issues through our work with leading global health players.

IPA represents pediatricians from over 140 countries in over 150 member societies, enabling them to work together to improve the physical, mental and social health and wellbeing of all children, from birth through adolescence.

We represent over a million pediatricians saving the lives and improving the health of more than a billion children.

IPA: working for every child, every age, everywhere. 



Every child will be accorded the right to the highest attainable standard of health, and the opportunity to grow, develop, and fulfill to his or her human potential.


Pediatricians, working with other partners, will be leaders in promoting physical, mental, and social health for all children, and in realizing the highest standards of health for newborns, children, and adolescents in all countries of the world.


  • Excellence of knowledge and expertise in child health: Pediatricians will be leaders in defining and creating a sound body of scientific and practical knowledge concerning child health.
  • Evidence based action: Pediatricians will incorporate best practices validated by evidenced based studies into all their professional activities.
  • Prevention as well as treatment: Pediatricians will emphasize prevention of disease and ill health, as well as care for illness which has not been prevented.
  • Service: Pediatricians will deliver the best possible preventative and curative services for children, and will strive for the necessary facilities to provide these services.
  • Education: Pediatricians will design and implement education and training programs for pediatricians and other child health personnel, basing these programs on the needs of their populations and the best evidence based information.
  • Partnership: Pediatricians will seek out and work with other partners in maternal and child health, including their government ministries of health, United Nations agencies at country and global levels, and donors.
  • Advocacy: Pediatricians will promote health for all children from birth through adolescence, and will advocate for the right of every newborn, child, and adolescent to health and well being.
  • Collegiality: Pediatricians will be global citizens, collaborating locally and internationally with their colleagues in pediatrics and child health

Previous International Pediatric Congresses:

  • 2019 Panama 
  • 2016 Vancouver
  • 2013 Melbourne
  • 2010 Johannesburg
  • 2007 Athens
  • 2004 Cancun
  • 2001 Beijing
  • 1998 Amsterdam
  • 1995 Cairo
  • 1992 Rio de Janeiro
  • 1989 Paris
  • 1986 Honolulu
  • 1983 Manila
  • 1980 Barcelona
  • 1977 Delhi
  • 1974 Buenos Aires

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